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Trattoria Ristorante La Carabaccia
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Our cuisine

Our cuisine proposes traditional Florentine and Tuscan dishes using the territory'stypical local ingredients, always seasonally fresh.

For lunch, a daily menu is proposed alongside the à la carte menu, with soups, pasta, salads, second courses of meat and fish: we cater to the preferences of our regular clientele, while rediscovering the flavors that combine Italian tradition with a light and tasty cuisine, in an informal setting that offers prompt service.

A candlelight dinner in a softly lit setting with a selection of great musical hits playing in the background accompanies you in discovering the à la carte menu. A more elaborate, vast selection of dishes that feature meats, particularly Florentine steak prepared on a charcoal grill. Seasonal fresh vegetables are served daily, ideal for those who prefer vegetarian cuisine; gluten-free meals available on request. Typical schiacciata, pasta and sweets are all homemade.

A fine wine list accompanies every selection, with a sommelier on hand to help you in you choices, including a refined list of distilled spirits for a perfect conclusion to your meal.

Our pleasant outdoor dining area provides a charming setting in which to enjoy the nice weather and our typical cuisine.

Services for children: La Trattoria Carabaccia provides practical wooden high chairs to make meals safer and more comfortable. The lady's restrooms also feature a changing table to facilitate diaper changes.



The history of La Carabaccia begins in the early 1900s, when it is established as a fiaschetteria, just a short distance from the banks of the Arno river A customary meeting place for the renaioli – the river sand workers – and artisans, the fiaschetteria offered tasty spuntini (snacks), such as crostini and fettunte (bread spread with olive oil), always accompanied by an excellent, fragrant glass of wine.

In 1972, the establishment was turned into a trattoria serving typical Tuscan cuisine, earning an international reputation as a locale offering fine food. The name Carabaccia refers in part to an ancient boat that once sailed on the Arno transporting sand and salt, and it is also derived from the name of a delicious soup, today one of the specialties on our menu, whose recipe dates back to the kitchens of the Medici family, the dukes of Florence.

In 2007, La Carabaccia was turned into a restaurant, with larger dining spaces, a 50 sq. m. kitchen and excellent service. The typical Tuscan menu has been supplemented with various culinary innovations. The traditional flavors of our cuisine remain intact, as does the warm ambiance that have made the locale an unfaltering standard of excellence for the city of Florence.

La Carabaccia today

La Carabaccia today

The delicacies of Tuscan cuisine and renowned Florentine steak are only a few of the specialties served at La Carabaccia, a typical restaurant in Florence, where a refined renovation has highlighted the beauty of the original medieval halls and ancient 17th century stone arches.

The splendid authentic chestnut beamed ceilings and rustic Florentine style furnishings create a unique atmosphere, combined with relaxing lighting from the precious terracotta creations and wooden pieces embellishing all of the restaurant's spaces.

Large solid wood tables, set well apart, ensure discretion and comfort for around one hundred guests, who can dine under the stars during the summertime in the restaurant's spacious terrace, serving specialties of Tuscan cuisine.

With its large charcoal grill, the pride of La Carabaccia, the kitchen prepares a wide array of dishes that use first quality ingredients and seasonal products.

Wine cellar

Wine cellar

The wine cellar provides an exclusive context at La Carabaccia, for an exquisite tasting, romantic dinner or an important work meeting, in a supremely elegant atmosphere.  

The building, which dates back to early 1600s, reveals striking vaulted ceilings, terracotta floors and pillori, inimitable niches set between the walls expertly built in stone from the river Arno.  

This beautiful setting, including the original coat of arms of noble Florentine families, provides a unique backdrop for conserving our Tuscan red wines and other varieties selected from over one hundred renowned Italian labels.

La Carabaccia's recipe

La Carabaccia's recipe

For 4 people
Slice a kilo of red onions.

Pour a cup of olive oil into a pan with two celery sticks and a minced carrot. Start the stove, let them brown, then add the onions and some salt. When the onion is sautéed, add some toasted flour. Add four spoonfuls of vegetable broth and cook for twenty-five minutes.

Before serving, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese, mix and let stand for a few minutes. Then toast a slice of Tuscan break. Place it in the bowls and pour the soup over it. Add toasted almonds and serve.

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